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What Should I do if I have Found Termites?

Get in Touch With Us TODAY, With the cost of Homes going up so is the cost of Repairs.
Termites our NOW Causing Over $800 Million dollars in damage every year to Australian homes.
Prevention is always better than cure and a termite inspection is always better than the large cost of termite damage.

Highly-Trained Staff

Get the right people for the right job When it comes to pest and termite control, having the right people with the appropriate skill set and expertise is crucial.

Financial Impact

Termite damage can be financially devastating for homeowners. Termites often go unnoticed until significant damage has occurred, and by that point, repairs and treatments can be quite costly.

Regular Inspections are Crucial

Regular pest inspections are vital for a pest-free and safe home, as pests can infest at any time. A gap of over 12 months between inspections raises the risk of undetected pest activity.

If I See Termites Should I spray them?

Do Not Spray them otherwise they will move, we need them to stay were you find them. We apply Safe Termite and Pest Control THAT WORKS. All of our technicians are professional, fully trained and up-to-date with the latest environment and safety methods.

  • What if Termites have eaten my house?
  • How Long Could I wait to Treat Termites?
  • How Much Damage Can Termite Cause?
  • What Can Attract Termites to my Property?
  • What Could it Cost to Replace Termite Damage?
  • How Long Will The Treatment For Termites Last?
  • How Long Is The Termite Warranty?
We are YOUR partner for the long run Contact Us and we will answer all your Concerns.

Termite can cause you to lose your home or investment, Get ERASE Pest Control to carry out a termite inspection now and save your Loss before its to LATE , We Find It Treat It and Erase It.

Property Inspections

We provide building and pest reports within 48 hrs of the property Inspection, and we are available to discuss your Property concerns.

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