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    Get All Pests and Termites Removed By Erase Pest Control At Affordable Prices, With Proven results in Pest Control in the Local Blue Mountains – District.

    Don't Ignore Your Termite Inspection Needs.

    Feel Secure From Unwanted Pets And Hire Erase pest control. We pride ourselves on being the Best Pest Control Services, We Find It, We Treat It, We Erase It

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    Full-Service Warranties

    Your Service warranty will control the Termites that are bugging you, Our technical expertise is backed by years of experience and supported by specialized training programs: NO termites is what we won't for you.

    Specialized Technicians

    Our Technicians have years of local knowledge, and all types of Termite control knowledge, we will advise you on any termite damage and or possible problems.

    Complete Satisfaction

    We won't you to be happy with the work we do. The primary objective of Integrated Pest Management is to minimise and/or eliminate any harmful effect of pesticides and get rid of any risk of termites, or any termite activity.

    Safety is the most important factor in any Type of PEST CONTROL.

    • As a longtime pest control company serving Sydney NSW
    • We understand that homes and Restaurants won't to be pest-free and that even a single cockroach sighting may turn to panic.
    • Because we understand how harmful cockroaches and rodents can be.
    • We offer a pest management program customized for Homes and restaurants.
    • Do not let cockroaches or other common pests upset you we are here to help.
    • Partner with Erase Pest Control and benefit from a program that focuses on solving pest problems Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and practices using only safe chemicals.

    Quick & Efficient

    Let us provide you Quick and Efficient Pest Control Service for the right price in all the Campbeltown and Penrith and Local Region.

    Free Quotations

    Free Quotations

    Let us provide you FREE Quotations on any Termite or Pest Control Service for the right price in all the Campbeltown and Penrith and Local Region.

    If I See Termites Should I spay them?

    • What if Termites have eaten my house?
    • How Long Could I wait to Treat Termites?
    • How Much Damage Can Termite Cause?
    • What Can Attract Termites to my Property?
    • What Could it Cost to Replace Termite Damage?
    • How Long Will The Treatment For Termites Last?
    • How Long Is The Termite Warranty?
    Expert Advice

    Over 25 Years in all areas of the Pest and Termite Control industry.

    Safe Termite Treatments

    The right Type of Termite Treatments for you and your Family.

    On Time Bookings

    We book the right time to get the job done right and confirm with you in every way.


    Don’t Ignore Your Termite Inspection Needs – BOOK A Termite Inspection Before its too Late.

    BOOK YOUR INSPECTION BEFORE ITS TOO LATE, For some reason termites are one of those things that a lot of people don’t think about until it is too late. This is because they hide themselves very well. In most cases you won’t know that they are there until they have made themselves known. This usually means that they have consumed a large portion of your property. In most cases insurance will not cover the damage so is it not better to spend a few dollars each year through an inspection and protection than to fork out large sums of money for treatments and repairs down the track?
    Contact Us now on 0400 822 800 to find out what are the protection options for your property.

    We treat all types of pest Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Bees, Wasp Fleas and Termites