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We treat all types of pest Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Bees, Wasp Fleas and Termites

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  • Home Safe Termite Inspection:

    1 in 3 Homes Have Termites DO YOU ?

    Home Safe Termite Inspection We Inspect All Areas Of your Property

    This offer can save you Thousands

    Termite infestations can happen in a matter of weeks

    or even days A Termite Inspection for the whole property

    Including Roofvoid,Subfloor,Interor and Exterior of the property.

    Cost for this is normally $265.00 You get it NOW FOR $175.00

  • Family Safe Package 15 Pest Treated :

    Family Home Safe Packege

    Get 15 Pest Treated including Red Backs and Mice/Rats

    This is BIG SAVINGS Pick up the ph or book on line

    Get Our 15 Pest Treatment and Save $$$ Ask Us for More Deals

  • General Pest Treatments:

    Are you on a Budget get 6 pest treated American Cockroaches,

    Australian Cockroaches,Black House Spiders,

    St Andrew’s Cross Spiders,Carpet Beetles,Silver Fish.

    Call us on 0414 267 273 Today

  • Family Safe Unit Package:

    Do you live in a unit Get the best trement ever for you unit

    GET all Cockroaches and Mice and Rats Treated.

  • Mice AND Rat Special:

    Dont Live with Rodents

    We can get rid of mice and rats fast contact us today