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Termite Control in Blue Mountains



Termite Control is the first line of defence.

Termite control goes hand in hand with regular Termite inspections.

After you have had a treatment, then termite Management is carried out to ensure termites have not bridged the barrier.

Regardless of the system used, regular inspections should be carried out by a licensed Termite Inspector.

It is recommended that inspections be Done at least every 12 months, or more often in high risk areas like the Blue Mountains.

Most infestations occur at the perimeter of the building and usually result from owners being unfamiliar with there Property and how Termites work.

For example an existing termite management system can be bridged by building up garden beds after a treatment, by placing wood chips on top of a treatment.

Termites can get inside a your property via wall cavities, cracks in mortar or concrete slabs, all can be used as entry points.

What if termites attack your home?

Don’t delay.

Act quickly to minimise the damage.

Don’t try to kill the termites yourself and certainly don’t disturb the mud trails they have built.

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