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Will a Termite Prevention Help my Blue Mountains Home ?



The Blue Mountains is well known for its Nature and this includes its termites.

Your New or current home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.

Our Termite Prevention is designed to deter termites form using concealed entry points where they would normally pass through undetected, and as termites cause more damage than all natural disasters combined it is Highly Recommended you Mantain your Property and consider a termite prevention.

If you see Signs of Termite Infestation

The most common signs of termite infestation that Blue Mountains property owners are likely to encounter are:

The sudden appearance of winged termites emerging from a structure or Flying around your Property.
Termite-infested wood or wood damage this may include inside the home or in wood piles on the property.
The presence of termite shelter (Mud tubes) on or within buildings structural Timbers.

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