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We treat all types of pest Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Bees, Wasp Fleas and Termites

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Commercial storage warehouses present distinctive challenges for pest control programs. There are many types of insects, animals and birds that can infest your 


We know how important it is to our commercial pest control clients that their storage facilities and warehouses are effectively treated. Food and perishables pose additional complexities Modern Pest Service is becoming the choice for businesses that want a perfect score. 

We offer a service to exclude any type of pest in any type of structure we have effective programs to keep pests out.

Insect Control

  •     Crawling insects
  •     Stored Food Pests
  •     Wood Destroying organisms 

Rodent control

  •     Norway Rat
  •     Roof Rat
  •     House mouse

Special add-on pest control services are also available to our clients who have these needs:

  •     Bird Exclusion
  •     Risk Assessments
  •     Qualification Audits 

Weed Control 

We can serve all of the following types of facilities.

  •     Data Warehouse
  •     Automated Warehouse
  •     Food Warehouse
  •     Refrigerated Warehouse
  •     Dry goods Warehouse
  •     Manufacturing Warehouse
  •     Importers Warehouse
  •     Third Party Logistics Warehouse
  •     Exporter Warehouse
  •     Cold Storage Warehouse
  •     Wholesalers Warehouse
  •     Medical Warehouses
  •     Transport businesses
  •     Moving and Storage Companies
  •     Customs Warehouse

For a free evaluation of your commercial pest control needs 

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Modern Pest Service has a 5-step program for protecting your contents and ensuring your warehouse is kept pest free. 

Step 1: Thorough Inspection

We begin with a comprehensive assessment and all current and probable trouble areas are identified. It is significant that we identify the building’s traffic patterns, as well as the number of people who enter and exit the structure everyday.

A wide-ranging assessment is conducted at each facility. Additional attention is given to pest entry points, all water sources, all food sources, harbourage points and customer and employee common areas.

A wide-ranging inspection and breakdown of the facility, including talking with key employees, help Modern Pest Service Commercial Pest Control develop an effective pest control program tailored to your requirements. 

STEP 2: Pest ID & Prevention Measures

Different types of pests require different types of treatments depending on the way they act and respond in a given situation.

We communicate with employees in the Each property we are asked to service this helps us in determining a unique a personalized program best suited for you.

We place Modern Monitors in pest prone locations throughout your work place to help pinpoint the "hotspots" of pest activity. This rapidly reduces the current population in your facility, resulting in an immediate and noticeable reduction in activity.

STEP 3: Cultural Control

Sanitation should be the focus of every IPM - Integrated Pest Management program. Sanitation schedules have a direct impact on what will make you successful in overcoming pest build up both inside and outside your building These aspects are extremely important in making an environment less attractive to pests.

To give us accurate information on pest sightings and evidence in order to prevent infestations and control existing problems Modern Pest Service uses service record notebooks, sighting logs, application records and sanitation reports as part of our program. 

These also help prevent potential health, legal and financial problems associated with pest infestation. You can also view these reports on-line at your convenience. 

STEP 4: Physical Control

Exclusion methods and other non-chemical options should always be used before baseboard general control options are considered. Constant monitoring and maintenance are critical to the success of IPM - Integrated Pest Management.

This includes trapping, proofing, exclusion and other less complex physical approaches such as fly screens, silicone barriers and sticky traps.Bird exclusion can be achieved by the proofing of entry points, roosting and nesting areas.

STEP 5: Application 

We apply protective barrier to keep out pest invaders. Our Pest Management Inspection Report helps you protect your home and work place by pointing out any conditions that could lead to infestation.

Introduction of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) into the environment for long-term control in the event of a re-infestation.

Our technical expertise is backed by years of experience and supported by specialized training programs The primary objective of Integrated Pest Management is to minimise and/or eliminate any harmful effect of pesticides on the environment, and to ensure that, where necessary, chemical control occurs as an adjunct to  the other eradication procedures.